Shafri is a revolutionary social network designed to connect and educate school children in Africa and across the world. It provides remedial academic resources to assist kids.


Magnus Kpakol gvA is a show on the economic struggle in Africa, and on the story of the continent's economic development in the context of a global political economy.

Office TV

Office TV is a product of the Economic and Business Strategies, Ltd, (EBS). EBS has offices in Nigeria and the United States.


Refined Economic Development (RED)
in Africa is an economic development
strategy that recognises community
economic competitiveness as the
foundation for a stronger pace of
growth and sustainable development
among African countries.

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The Economic and Business Strategies, Limited (EBS) is a knowledge driven company that develops and provides competitive economic solutions and strategies for public and private organizations. It is primarily committed to building approaches for enhancing organizational competitiveness, sustainable economic growth and development and poverty eradication.

We support clients in the public and private sectors, and have professionals who understand the dynamics and complexities of today’s global market place, business trends and general political economy.