Our Strength

Our activities cover four broad areas: 1. Policy advice and program development, 2. Data gathering and analyses, 3. Economic & business trends and forecasts, 4. Competitiveness and partnerships, 5. Innovative solutions and strategies.

Providing economic and business solutions for all organizations (private, government, civil societies etc).

1. Policy Advice and Program Development

  1. We advise policy makers in government and the private sector on competitiveness, efficiency, effectiveness and policy synchronization.
  2. We develop systems for monitoring and evaluating government and other development projects, and also provide development impact assessment and product impact reports for projects.
  3. Our specialty also includes the provision of economic development strategies for promoting job creation, reducing poverty and assuring a higher quality of life for the people.

2. Data Gathering and Analyses

  1. We build databases of various indicators for the analysis of economic, demographic and other social trends. Our analyses cover most business and consumer activities.
  2. Building of strategies to enable organizations to be competitive in our ever challenging global environment.

3. Economic & Business Trends and Forecasts

  1. We provide expert analysis and forecasts on various economic and business indicators, including gross domestic product (GDP), inflation, employment, unemployment, exchange rate, consumer spending, housing starts, construction, general business trends etc.
  2. We analyze and forecast international economic and business trends and evaluate their impact on national and local activities.

4. Competitiveness and Partnership

  1. The EBS offers customized solutions to promote performance among students in academic institutions.
  2. We offer business solutions that promote entrepreneurship for improved sales and profits.
  3. The EBS also identifies and works with associates around the world for the development and promotion of business transactions locally and internationally.

The primary aim of the EBS is to develop a strong capacity to build a growing economy through innovative ideas and strategies, the reduction of poverty and development of an advance economy. The EBS proffers a business solution that enhances economic growth and development both in the private and public sector.