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The Economic and Business Strategies, (EBS) Ltd is a management, economic and business consulting firm.

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Magnus Kpakol gvA is a show on the economic struggle in Africa, and the story of the continent’s economic development in the context of a global political economy. The show explains to the world with clarity, the political economy of Africa, conveying its economic and business opportunities and the aspirations of the African people in the context of a dynamic and inter-woven world.

Show Concept

It is a unique show that provides a platform to evaluate and analyze the views of leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities and experts from around the world on Africa's socio-economic growth and development. These views and related analyses are presented in a way that is fair, balanced, creative, constructive, motivating, captivating, entertaining and thought-provoking. Specific topics include issues on health, education, sanitation, agriculture, food security, infrastructure, transportation, the environment, jobs, poverty, community development, security, African generational waves, local and global economic/social trends and Africa’s general political economy. These issues are to be discussed in the context of a global setting.


The show is constructive and non-confrontational. It does not denigrate, discredit or abuse people. However, it is bold, decisive and poignant in expressing ideas which are on rigorous and balanced analysis, so that our viewers are put in a vantage position, getting only the best views.


People that watch our show will come out better informed and more knowledgeable on issues about Africa's socio-economic development and general political economy. Our show is aimed to be the most pre-eminent in its class worldwide, as it covers economic, social and political issues in a way that is distinctive but personal to every viewer. Email: info@magnuskpakolgva.com Telephone: +234 092 912 475 +234 704 503 5024

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EBS in Africa - Products


Office TV is an innovative, interactive and informational/promotional facility for companies, organizations and corporate institutions aiming to be leaders in their field. Office TV:
  • Provides a non-stop shop for customers or clients from around the world to stay connected with your product, services and ideas.
  • Promotes communication solutions that widen and sharpen the visibility of participating companies, by providing in-office and social network interference for companies to attract, keep customers and boost profitability.
  • Allows you the opportunity of turning the TV in your office into a revolutionary, unique, informative and entertaining marketing platform for your business and services.
  • Opens your company or organization, using its website and social media network to potential customers and partners from the vicinity and around the world.
  • Can help create and (or) develop a documentary or infomercial for your business, no matter your industry.
Website: www.myofficetv.com
Email:  info@myofficetv.com
Telephone: +234 092 912 475
EBS in Africa - Products


Study Hall Africa (SHAFRI), is a product invented by the Economic Growth & Development Center (EGDC) and later developed and promoted by The Economic and Business Strategies (EBS). It is a revolutionary social network designed to connect and educate school children in Africa and across the world. It also provides remedial academic resources to assist kids with studying and the expansion of their knowledge base.

 SHAFRI’s objective is to enable members chat and exchange ideas, pictures, etc., on various subjects. On the SHAFRI platform, students have access to materials on basic subjects like English language, Mathematics, Sciences, General knowledge and can also take tests. In addition, parents are able to follow up the performance of their kids. To participate in this exciting and innovative networking platform, students are required to be registered members. SHAFRI is equipped with interesting academic games to stimulate the learning experience of students.

The SHAFRI Commitment

At SHAFRI, we are committed to offering a kid-safe environment for them to learn, play and enjoy unlimited fun. All programs offered by SHAFRI are a result of a deliberate and thorough process. Parents and teachers can be assured that SHAFRI will only put out materials that have been verified to be for a positive promotion of learning and the ultimate experience in student’s on-line learning and networking.

How It Works

SHAFRI is a social network, driven on an educational platform. It requires no special software installation. With a web browser and an internet connection, SHAFRI is available to all kids. The main requirement for joining the SHAFRI network is school enrolment. For a student to participate in the program, his/her school must register as a participating school or provide validation. Registration by a school opens up participation to all students in the school.

Students are only required to pay a minimal membership fee per term to participate in SHAFRI. Upon signing up, each student is assigned a unique system identification passcode (USIC) which is able to verify the identity of the student and the students school at any given time. With this USIC, a student has unlimited access to unlock the revolutionary SHAFRI world of networking. Our registration security procedures are designed to ensure that only enrolled students can access the program.


Online social forum for kids (Playground)
SHAFRI’s social forum for kids, the (Playground) is a social networking platform where school children can chat and interact with each other to share academic and fun ideas. Like most social network platforms, kids also share pictures and post items on their boards. From time to time parents can use their own kid’s identification code to access and view the activities of their kid. This program is closely monitored and censored to ensure security and protection.

Online Learning (Study Hall)
SHAFRI’s on-line Study Hall offers access to academic resources in Mathematics, English language, Sciences and General knowledge to enable students study at their own pace. Students may exchange ideas and information from the Study Hall in the Playground.

Online Educational Games
SHAFRI’s online games are also educational learning tools that help engage children in a fun- filled environment. Our on-line games are designed to improve social and cognitive skills in students.

Website: www.studyhallafrica.com
Email: support@studyhallafrica.com
Telephone: +234 092 912 475 +234 704 503 5024

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Our Vision

To help our communities and nations become more economically competitive by promoting job creation and poverty eradication activities

Management, Economic and Business Consulting

At the EBS, we offer a variety of cutting edge solutions for government institutions, organizations and businesses aiming to be more globally competitive and preeminent in their industry, vocation or business. The EBS’s CEO and Chief Strategist is Prof.  Magnus Kpakol, a former professor of economics at the University of Dallas and also former Chief Economic Adviser to the President of Nigeria and CEO of National Planning Commission. He was also the National Coordinator of NAPEP/Senior Special Assistant to the President on poverty eradication. We have expertise for helping governments and communities create jobs, fight poverty and speed economic growth and development. In our refined economic development (RED) in Africa strategy we have developed innovations that promote and enrich private community enterprise, creating private sector value chains and global market linkages that can include even the remotest and most isolated communities.