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5th Democracy Lecture Series at Abuja Leadership Centre

Prof. Magnus Kpakol, the Chairman/CEO of Economic Growth & Development Center was the Guest speaker at the 5th Democracy Lecture Series organized by the Abuja Leadership Centre at the University of Abuja on November 9, 2022, He spoke on the topic “The Purpose of Leadership in a Developing Economy”.

According to Prof. Magnus, Leadership is all about relationships and the ability to produce. He underscored the fact that leaders must be aware of the people and things around them. The leader has the responsibility of consciously arousing awareness in their subordinates.

Prof. Magnus further emphasized the critical role Human Capital development plays in the development of a country. According to him, a leader should be able to develop and harness the human capital of the people. He pointed out the danger of not developing the human capital of the people even in a democracy. He said “Democracy without human capital development is like a horse without a rider racing fast into an open market”.

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