One Shout App

The One Shout is a revolutionary app that helps keep your families, friends, neighbors and loved ones safe anywhere in the world. With the One Shout App on your phone, you worry less about your safety and that of your loved ones on the road, rail, airplanes and waterways.

Just one click on “Help” will get your contacts notified about your location and safety. The Multi-lingual feature makes One Shout easy to use by all as you can select your preferred language.

One Shout will send an SMS to your contacts when you are in danger or when your safety is threatened. You can download the app on your App Store or Google Play Store.

Download One Shout on your phone now. It can save your life. When in danger, click on Help, One Shout will immediately send an alarm and your location information to your emergency contacts.

One Shout. Tell everybody. Don’t leave home without it. In fact, I wouldn’t even stay at home without it. Download the app now.

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