Economic Consulting

Economic and Business Strategies Limited develops business strategies and solutions for the governments, business firms and organizations across the world.

  • EBS develops business strategies and solutions for the governments, business firms and organizations across the world.
  • EBS offers a variety of cutting edge solutions for organizations and businesses aiming to be more globally competitive and preeminent in their industry or business.
  • In our Refined Economic Development (RED) in Africa strategy we have developed innovations that promote and enrich private community enterprise, creating private sector value chains and global market linkages that can include even the remotest and most isolated communities, businesses and individuals.
  • Capacity building is at the heart of our consulting. We aim to provide appropriate capacity to the various levels of any organization or community, as competitiveness is undermined without appropriate capacity to add value in production, processing and distribution.

Our economic consulting efforts are further identified as follows:

(A) Policy Advice and Program Development:

  • We advise policy makers in government and the private sector on competitiveness, efficiency, effectiveness and policy synchronization.
  • We develop systems for monitoring and evaluating government and other development projects, and also provide development impact assessment and product impact reports for projects.
  • Our specialty also includes the provision of economic development strategies for promoting job creation, reducing poverty and assuring a higher quality of life for the people.

(B) Poverty Elimination (PE) Strategies:

  • EBS develops Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) and Micro-financing strategies for poverty eradication. Our Chairman designed and developed the blueprint for the Conditional Cash Transfer program used in Nigeria today.
  • We have the capacity to formulate and develop various human capital programs to train communities and their people to defeat poverty and massively create prosperity.

(C) Data Gathering and Analyses:

  • We build databases of various indicators for the analysis of economic, demographic and other social trends. Our analyses cover most business and consumer activities.
  • Building of strategies to enable organizations to be competitive in our ever challenging global environment.

(D) Economic & Business Trends and Forecasts:

  • We provide expert analysis and forecasts on various economic and business indicators, including gross domestic product (GDP), inflation, employment, unemployment, exchange rate, consumer spending, housing starts, construction, general business trends etc.
  • We analyze and forecast international economic and business trends and evaluate their impact on national and local activities.

(E) Competitiveness and Global Partnerships:

  • EBS offers customized solutions to promote high and rising performance among students in academic institutions.
  • We offer business solutions that promote entrepreneurship for improved sales and profits.
  • EBS also identifies and works with associates around the world for the development and promotion of business competitiveness locally and internationally.

The primary aim of the EBS is to develop a strong capacity to build a growing economy through innovative ideas and strategies, the reduction of poverty and development of an advanced economy.

The EBS offers business solutions that enhance economic growth and development, with nodes in both the private and public sectors.

(F) Human Capital Development - Performance and Productivity Training:

  • Every organization desires high productivity and peak performance from its workforce to be competitive locally and globally.
  • The EBS helps companies and their workforce to acquire knowledge and skills that can be applied to dramatically improve productivity and achieve peak performance.
  • To achieve success organizations will need capacity training for their workforce to be more attentive, disciplined, efficient, productive and committed to achieving the goals and objectives of the firm.
  • The EBS provides capacity training that raises productivity and helps to make the organization more committed to local and global competitiveness.
  • Organizations that learn and understand faster that individual behavior and corporate culture evolve over time will develop an advantage over the competition, by designing strategies and techniques that manage these evolutions and dynamic conditions.

(G) Refined Economic Development Leaders (RED Leaders) Communication Training:

  • A RED Leaders group can be formed by at least 10 persons and registered with our RED Center at With RED Leaders you learn basic economic development words and ideas on how to have effective communication by sharing development information and discussing business, economic, social and political issues that affect Africa.
  • Training in our RED leaders group will help make you become a good communicator and leader. Your speaking ability will be dramatically improved with our RED Leaders dynamic training. Membership in our follow-up RED Leaders group will consolidate your gains from our RED leader training. Selected conclusions from RED Leader group meetings are posted by RED Center on the Red-in-Africa home page and shared with people and institutions around the world. Awards may also be presented to the best RED Leaders. groups on specific subjects

Every organization should have a RED Leader communication training for their workforce and management. After training every person should join the trend and become a RED Leader by joining a RED Leader group.