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About Africa Forum at UTDallas (AFUTD)

The Africa Forum at UTDallas (AF-UTD) is a public meeting of individuals and people from academia, businesses, governments and civic organizations that are committed to practical human capital deficiency solutions that can help accelerate the progress of Africa, making the continent more globally integrated for the promotion of its economic competitiveness, with benefits to the world at large. In this, the AFUTD aims to secure practical international partnerships to help participating African public and private institutions become more globally productive and competent.

The Annual Global Conference (AGC) is the major global event each year, attracting heads of government and participants from across the world. The AGC will typically feature major/presidential public lectures and include workshops, seminars and Study Tours for leaders and professionals in business, academia and government. The AGC is aimed at building global partnerships for African leaders and professionals in government, academia, business and civil society with the aim to bridge global skills and other human capital gaps for increased excellence and global competitiveness.

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