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About Economic Growth and Development Center (EGDC)

Economic Growth and Development Center (EGDC) is a Non-Governmental consulting, research and knowledge-driven organization with an aim to help raise the level of living globally by strongly engaging the government, business, academia and civil society in collaboration to promote human capital development, poverty eradication, global competitiveness and global partnerships.

Consultancy, Training and Research

EGDC does extensive consultancy, training and research in many areas of international economics, management, business and economic development, with principal focus in human capital development, poverty reduction, global competitiveness and global partnerships. Other areas include environmental economics, global trade, productivity, innovation, global business and micro-financing.


Give Back

EGDC has started a major Give Back program with donors from around the world that are called Phenomenal Givers. Our Phenomenal Givers give and help raise financial support for poor kids to study Coding and Computer technology.


Our programs and activities include the following
1. Human capital development programs, including our exceptional Phenomenal Performance

Training (PPT)

  1. A Refined Economic Development (RED) strategy anchored on partnership among.

business, academia and government to build cohesive, resilient and economically

successful communities and nations
3. Competitiveness and global partnerships (global visibility and networking)

  1. Innovative solutions and strategies
  2. Inclusive growth strategies for job creation
  3. Poverty eradication strategies
  4. Banking, financial, credit and other monetary policy strategies for poverty eradication
    8. Community economic development and sensitization strategies
  5. Financial, technology and market access strategies for micro, small and medium


  1. Human resource training, talent sourcing and management strategies
    11. Global market development
  2. Give Back with Phenomenal Givers


Operational activities included in the programs involve the following

  • Designing human capital development and dynamic market oriented poverty reduction programs
  • Conducting human capital development training, seminars, conferences and Round Tables
  • Conducting competitiveness training, seminars, conferences and Round Tables for micro, small and medium enterprises in promoting social capital development for economic growth and global competitiveness.
  • Designing development programs for job creation and for integrating the informal sector into the main stream economy
  • Promotion of Impact Investing in micro, small and medium enterprises
  • Providing policy advice and technical assistance to public and private enterprises in developing global partnerships and attracting investments all the way to the greased roots of society.
  • Providing information on business and market opportunities and assisting in identifying sources of funding for micro, small and medium size enterprises.
  • Providing support to catalyze economic growth and broad based economic development.


The EGDC engages a number of Non-Governmental Organizations, including advocacy groups within and outside the country, development partners, policy makers, as well as private sector stakeholders in human capital development, poverty eradication and global competitiveness issues.

The EGDC views investing in people as highly critical and is committed to the global goals on poverty eradication. To this end EGDC’s research and other activities are centered on providing the knowledge and skills needed to help achieve human capital development targets for global competitiveness and poverty reduction.



Our team of Associates, Experts and Researchers from around the world includes professionals in the following fields;

  • Human capital development, in general
  • Education
  • Health and wellness
  • Behavioral skills
  • Productivity
  • Value creation
  • Banking
  • Poverty reduction
  • Job creation
  • Skills development, including up-skilling, re-skilling, talent management
  • Law
  • Economic and public policy analysis
  • Policy advice
  • Global partnerships
  • Business promotion
  • Technology


In helping to raise the level of living, EGDC is committed to the fight of ending extreme poverty in Africa and wherever it exists.



Our broad areas of activity

Human Capital Development (Human capital)

Poverty Eradication (Poverty)

Global Competitiveness

Global partnerships

International Economics and Business Management

Banking, Microfinance and other Financial Strategies for poverty eradication (Banking and Finance)

Leadership and Soft Skills Training (Leadership and Skills)

Micro, Small and Medium Business Development (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Monetary and fiscal policy strategies for development (Monetary and Fiscal)

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