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One Shout FAQ

One Shout FAQ

One Shout is a revolutionary security and safety application that alerts your family, friends and colleagues about an emergency. It is developed to keep you and your loved ones safe.

An alarm that can be sent during emergencies such as kidnapping, robbery, accident or any other threat to life and safety.

To send a Shout during an emergency simply click on the “Help” button. This will send text message to your contacts and a shout, informing them that you need help.

Check if your device location service is turned on. To turn on your location service, go to your device settings search for “Location”, toggle it on if it was off.

You will have to give the app permission to receive and send your location to your contacts. To do this, go to settings on your phone, click on App permission/permission manager, click on location. Scroll to and click on One Shout, select Allow all the time/ Allow (only) when using the App.

The App makes use of your device’s SMS service. You will be charged for each SMS sent by the APP

Your device has probably put the app to sleep. For optimal performance, make sure to allow the app run in the background, have unrestricted use of your battery, and data. To resolve this, go to settings on your device, click on battery, click on advanced settings, click on battery optimization, select One Shout on the list of Apps, click on “Not optimized”.

Note: The method described may differ from what you have on your device. The important things to note are (i) access to run in the background (ii) unrestricted battery use (iii) unrestricted data use.

Location can be accessed on “Alerts” on the App. Click on “Alerts”,  then click on location.

Yes, you can be added by anyone who has your contact details.

Yes, however you will have to login on those devices. You will not be able to receive a Shout on your tablets, except if your tablet has a SIM card.

There are two options for adding family and friends to your contacts. These options can be seen when you click on “Contacts” on the home page. The options are Import Contacts and Add Contacts.

Import Contacts

To import contacts from your device contact, you will have to grant permission to the app to access your contact list. This will then give you access to a list of your contacts, click on the contacts you want to add ( a tick sign “√󠆰” will appear against the name of the contact selected). Click on “Add Contact” at the bottom of the page.


Add Contact

This is a manual way of inputting contacts on the App. To do this, click on “Add Contact”, input the full name of your contact and add the phone number. Remember to select the right country code before inputting the phone digits.

You can add as many contact as you like.

Your contacts are all stored on the app to access other contacts added scroll down on the contact list to see contacts that are at the bottom of the page.

Click on contacts on the App. On your contact list, click on the “Trash Can” Icon displayed on the contact.

Yes, simply repeat the process of “How do I add family and Friends to my contact”.

You will not be able to use the App during emergencies. Do purchase a new device, download the One Shout App from the respective store and login

This means that your phone is on Dark Mode. To resolve this, go to Settings on your device, click on display and brightness, toggle off Dark Mode or Theme.

Click “Settings” on the App, click account settings, click language and select your preferred language.

Click “Settings” on the App, click account settings, click Account information, click edit.

Click “Settings” on the App, click account settings, click location, scroll to your preferred country and click.

Click “Settings” on the App, click on “Send Feedback”


Go to https://www.ebsinafrica.com/one-shout click on contact us to send us a message. You can also send a mail to us on oneshoutapp@gmail.com

Click “Settings” on the App, click Logout.