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The Refined Economic Development (RED)

The Refined Economic Development (RED) Letter is a monthly publication that focuses on political, economic and business trends in Nigeria and across Africa, uniquely including data on key subjects and a number of macro-economic indicators. The RED Letter is an invaluable resource for any leader or professional seeking to be globally competitive.

Refined Economic Development (RED) in Africa is a new strategy aimed to optimize and speed up economic development efforts in Africa. The RED strategy believes that it is only when economic growth rates are sustained for years around ten per cent (10%) or more, and with inclusivity, that sustainable development may be achieved. For this reason, a critical plank in the strategy is to identify and secure capital for new investments in land, physical equipment and human resources for promoting technological progress, quality labor force growth and economic prosperity.

RED, therefore, occurs when we are able to raise the level of living, seen in higher incomes and a rising quality of consumption and with a richer cultural life that involves better education, higher standards of health and nutrition, a cleaner environment, expanding opportunities and less poverty. In the final analysis, the RED strategy is about achieving target standards for raising the level of living.

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