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Nigeria’s GDP growth decelerates in Q3 2021 by Prof. Magnus Kpakol

The GDP growth rate that went up by 0.5% in Q1 and climbed over 5% in Q2 has decelerated to 4.03% in Q3, 2021. Although not matching the Q2 mark this 4.03%, rise is still better than anything experienced since the inception of this administration. The last time the country had anything close to this […]

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The problem with the Naira by Prof. Magnus Kpakol continued.

The problem with the Naira is complex and complicated for everyone, including those in the Nigerian presidency and the Central Bank of Nigeria. And it is not because they don’t understand it, but mainly because the solutions are mired in an intricate political economy. The sources of the problem with the Naira are many. Nigeria […]

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