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The problem with the Naira -1 by Prof. Magnus Kpakol

The Central Bank of Nigeria joined a growing list of emerging markets that are counting on digital money to cut transaction costs and boost participation in the mainstream and global financial system. As President Muhammad Buhari declared, Nigeria has become the first country in Africa, and one of the first in the world to introduce […]

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Excerpt from Prof. Magnus Kpakol’s Keynote Speech at a recent National Defence Academy Training in Abuja, Nigeria

Prof. Magnus Kpakol, Executive Chairman, Economic Growth and Development Center advocated the development of human capital in Nigeria to address the nation’s economic challenges. He identified the scourge of human capital deficiency in Nigeria as the country’s main constraint for economic and political progress. Prof. Magnus Kpakol, who delivered a paper titled, “Enhancing Industrial Cooperation […]

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Human Insecurity Vicious Circle

The mother of the insecurity issue in Nigeria is corruption. Prof Magnus Kpakol, Chairman of Economic Growth and Development Center (EGDC) describes the practice of corruption as Witchcraft Economics. As he puts it, witchcraft economics exists when your consumption of goods and services is not determined by your productive ability. As shown below, Corrupt practices […]

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